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Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions in your life 🎉.

Are you excited and looking forward to enjoying time with your kid?


Why do I need this guide?

  • Stay organized throughout the pregnancy.
  • Have all the information in one place. Add images, videos, audio and links.
  • Share everything as a couple and involve others in the process easily. People can comment on ideas and collaboration comes very easy.
  • You can view and edit it on your phone, tablet, and laptop. Everything stays in sync and you can even print it.
  • Everything is usable with a free Notion account

What can this guide help me with?

  • The steps that make a successful planning phase are laid out for you. You can follow them to cover the most important aspects of the pregnancy.
  • It includes a concrete timeline with checklists going through all weeks. Make sure to avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises.
  • You can quickly adapt it to your needs, and add contacts and meeting notes from your conversations with doctors and friends.

Who is this guide for?

  • You already enjoy working with Notion or want to start trying it out.
  • You want to save time during the planning process. Let's be honest, being pregnant is exhausting.
  • You want to keep things tidy and always have an overview of all open tasks.
  • You want a guideline on how much ahead of time you need to take care of topics.
  • You want to be prepared for the next meeting with your doctor. Being pregnant is no routine task after all.
  • Have all the information organized when talking about it with your partner.

This is for use by the purchaser only, so PLEASE do not re-sell or distribute.

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$29 $23.20

Notion Pregnancy Planner ✨

0 ratings
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